When can I have a party?

Friday , Saturday, & Sunday
(check with us for Spring Break & summer weekday availability!)

How much does it cost?

1 1/2 Hour Party=$200

($100 deposit due at time of booking, $75 due the day of the party)

2 hour Party=$250

($100 deposit at time of booking, $125 due the day of the party)

What does the price include?

Price includes 15 guest (siblings of the birthday boy or girl are not included in the count) each additional guest over the 15 is $5 a piece.

What do I get?

  • You get the whole gym to yourself! We do not open to the public or double-book parties!
  • You do cake/presents the last 30 minutes (no exceptions)
  • The gym (5 trampolines, 2 bounce houses, 1 foam pit)
  • A birthday room (3 long tables, enough for 30 people). We have 2 birthday rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs that we rotate. We reserve the right to assign birthday party rooms so if the upstairs is a problem (we do not have an elevator), you will need to pick a birthday party slot where the downstairs room is available!

Call The Gym Office At 468-9355 For More Information!